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MTP/MPO Patch Panels

Designed for network space optimization and fast deployments to meet the evolution paths of 40G, 100G, 200G, and 400G links, the Gigalight MTP/MPO patch panel offers a simple installation, easy accessibility and reliable fiber management solution for data center cabling. There are 96 and 144 fibers options with 3, 4 or 12 slots in the front of rack, and each slot can be used to accommodate the Gigalight MTP/MPO cassette. Contact Sales
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● Package type available in 1U Rack, 2U Rack, 3U Rack, 4U Rack, etc.
● Slot count available in 3, 4, 12, etc.
● Ultra high density and compact design, easy for installation
● Can be configured with cassettes, adapter plates, or splice trays
● Available up to 144 fibers in 1U Rack for Ultra-High-Density cabling
● Modular system management, easy reconfiguration for moves, adds and changes
● Data Center Infrastructure
● Ultra High Density Fiber Management
● Telecommunication Networks
● Broadband/CATV Networks
● LAN/WAN Premises

    MTP/MPO Patchcord Cables


    MTP/MPO Trunk Cables


    MTP/MPO Harness Cables


    MTP/MPO Hydra Cables


    MTP/MPO Cassettes


    MTP/MPO Loopbacks


    MTP/MPO Checker

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