200G/400G Cabling Solutions

The perfect integration of ultra high density, rapid deployment and modular expansion provides freedom of design for the emerging network architecture.

  • MTP/MPO Patchcord Cable

    Single patchcord cable terminated with MTP/MPO connectors.

  • MTP/MPO Patch Panel

    Designed for network space optimization to hold multiple MTP/MPO cassettes.

  • MTP/MPO Loopback

    Designed for network diagnostics, testing system configurations, and device burn-in.

  • MTP/MPO Harness Cable

    Breakout/fanout multi-fiber cable assembly terminated with one MTP/MPO connector and multiple single-fiber connectors.

  • MTP/MPO Cassette

    MTP/MPO hydra cable assembly packaged in a plug-and-play metal LGX cassette with adapters on the outside panel.

  • MTP/MPO Hydra Cable

    Directly breakout/fanout multi-fiber cable assembly terminated with one MTP/MPO connector and multiple single-fiber connectors.

  • MTP/MPO Trunk Cable

    Fiber patch cable assembly integrated with multiple MTP/MPO patchcord cables.

  • MTP/MPO Polarity Checker

    Designed for detecting the polarity and connection status of MTP/MPO cables.

Customized V-Aggregator for Facebook
Gigalight introduces a high density 192x 100G MPO8 connection solution, V-Aggregator, for the server and switch in the cabinet, with a overall size of only 10cm*10cm x 32U (wide depth). The concept of side panel module breaks through the difficulty of connecting a large number of optical fibers in the cabinet, and it is easy to operate from a horizontal perspective. It is intuitive and easy to use, and has artistic beauty. V-Aggregator can be directly attached or placed on the side of the device cabinet, and the client only needs to be connected directly to the same high azimuth V-Aggregator adapter from the right server port of the switch. Within the V-Aggregator, Gigalight has provided low insertion loss and high reliability pre-connected cross interconnection wiring module. It also tests the polarity of the MPO interface before going out of the factory, realizes the one-stop delivery of the side panel module and the active optical cable, so as to ensure the beauty of the optical fiber interconnect and the convenience of the installation and maintenance.
Differentiated Competitiveness

  • Supply

    √ One-Stop Optical Device Supplier with Flexible and Professional Capabilities of Solution Customization

    √ Customer Visualization of Inventory, Order and RMA

    √ Supply Chain Partners with More Than 10 Years Cooperation History

    √ Accepting Various Kinds of Customized Needs

  • Leading Quality

    √ Using Only the Brand Glue Widely Recognized by the Optical Device Industry

    √ Deep Research on the Curing of Glue

    √ Advanced automated test and debug system

    √ Complete Quality Control System

  • Leading Design

    √ Rich Cases Designed for Various Applications

    √ Original Free Space Optical Technology

    √ Leading Design of Active and Passive Integrated Optical Interconnection

    √ Providing the Best Solution to Balance Cost and Performance

Reliability Test
With the reliability experiment from 168 hours to 500 hours, not only the change of the optical power parameter is smaller, but the sensitivity is getting better and better with the lengthening performance of the experiment time. This discovery subverts the traditional data of product reliability experiment.

The general result of the traditional reliability experiment is that the performance of the product becomes worse and worse with the extension of the reliability experiment time, and then it is close to scrap.

But Gigalight draws the same conclusion through repeated validation of the transceiver module after changing the test conditions: product reliability experiments enhance product quality and transmission performance.

The experimental results show that:
1)100G COB technology can be passed through industrial reliability standards. Therefore, we do not need to reduce the reliability requirement because big data has better environment than telecommunications.
2)100G air tightness design can improve long-term performance through reliability test. This indicates that reliability is a necessary factor rather than an avoidance factor in the manufacture of 100G.
  • We provide flexible OEM and ODM services, from label LOGO, packaging, to fiber type, fiber length, wavelength, connector type, from a single device to integrated solutions, all have a set of processes and services to meet the special needs of customers and applications, can quickly complete the design, can shorten the product development cycle. First of all Time provides you with customized high-performance products.

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