Active & Passive Optics Solution for Optical Access Network

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With the rapid development of communication technology, telecommunications services are developing in the direction of integration, digitization, intelligence, broadbandization and personalization. The demand for diversification of telecommunications services is also increasing, laid the foundation for the realization of "three lines in one, one line of entry" for voice, data, and images. How to make full use of existing network resources to increase business types and improve service quality has become a topic of increasing concern for telecommunications experts and operators. The "last mile" solution is the focus of everyone's most concern. Therefore, the access network has become a hot spot for network applications and construction, in which the optical access network is particularly prominent.

Optical access network is an access network that uses optical fiber as a transmission medium and uses light waves as an optical carrier to transmit signals. It generally refers to the use of optical fiber communication between service nodes (local switches or remote switching modules) and users, or part of optical fiber communication access the system. According to the main types of optical components in transmission facilities, optical access networks are divided into Active Optical Network (AON) and Passive Optical Network (PON).

AON is composed of Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Optical Network Unit (ONU), Optical Distribution Terminal (ODT) and optical fiber transmission line. Active optical components are used in AON's transmission facilities devices, such as optical transceivers.

PON refers to the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) between the OLT and ONU, which is mainly composed of passive optical components such as optical fibers, optical connectors, passive optical splitters and optical fiber connectors, without any active electronics device. PON is a pure medium network, which avoids electromagnetic interference and lightning impact of external equipment, reduces the failure rate of lines and external equipment, improves system reliability, and saves maintenance costs.

Gigalight's optical access network solution includes active optical transceivers, passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) modules and passive optical splitters, which can meet the transmission requirements of 100m to 150km in distance.

Active Optics (Optical Transceivers) Solution

Products Applications Maximum Transmission Distance
10G SFP++ 10GE, SDH, OTN 10km-80km
10G SFP+ 10GE, SDH, OTN 220m-80km
10G CWDM SFP+ 10GE, SDH, OTN 10km-80km
10G DWDM SFP+ 10GE, SDH, OTN 20km-80km
10G BiDi SFP+ 10GE, SDH, OTN 10km-80km
10G XFP 10GE, SDH, OTN 300m-120km
10G CWDM XFP 10GE, SDH, OTN 10km-80km
10G DWDM XFP 10GE, SDH, OTN 20km-120km
10G BiDi XFP 10GE, SDH, OTN 10km-80km
10G SFP+ 10GE, SDH, OTN 80km
10G XFP 10GE, SDH 80km
10G OTN XFP 10GE, SDH, OTN 80km
100M/155M SFP FE, SDH 2km-150km
622M SFP SDH 20km-120km
1.25G SFP GE, SDH 550m-120km
2.5G SFP GE, SDH 300m-80km
CWDM SFP FE, GE, SDH 40km-120km
DWDM SFP FE, GE, SDH 80km-120km
BiDi SFP FE, GE, SDH 2km-120km
CSFP FE, GE, SDH 20km-40km

Passive Optics (WDMs & Splitters) Solution

Products Applications Channel Number
PLC Splitters PON/FTTx 2-64