One-Stop Pluggable Optics Solution

Differentiation Advantages
  • Industry-Leading Products

  • Leading Design

  • Leading Quality

  • Reliable Supply Capability

  • Open Platforms

Industry-Leading Products

China's First Coherent Optical Transceiver Based on Silicon Photonics Modulation Platform

China's First PSM4 Optical Transceiver Based on Silicon Integrated Chips

Next Generation 400G Silicon Photonics Chip Project Landing

Leading Design

Leading Design of Silicon Photonics Modulation and Light Source Package

Original Free Space Optical Technology

Reliable Parallel and WDM Optical Engine Technology

Original COC Design and Packaging Technology

Leading Design of Active and Passive Integrated Optical Interconnection

Leading Quality

Proven hardware and software compatibility

Passed the stringent GR-468 reliability standards

Complete reliability testing system and FMEA analysis

Reliable Supply Capability

One-Stop Optical Device Supplier with Flexible and Professional Capabilities of Solution Customization

Customer Visualization of Inventory, Order and RMA

Supply Chain Partners with More Than 10 Years Cooperation History

Accepting Various Kinds of Customized Needs

Open Platforms

The Unique Cloud Management Platform for Optical Transceivers in the Industry

Member of ODCC and OCP, Advocating Hardware's Open Compatibility

Data center architecture
Videos of Optical Transceivers