Passive Optical Components: Passive WDM/CWDM/DWDM, CCWDM, AAWG, PLC Splitters etc.

Differentiated Competitiveness

  • Supply Chain
    • One-Stop Optical Device Supplier with Flexible and Professional Capabilities of Solution Customization
    • Customer Visualization of Inventory, Order and RMA
    • Supply Chain Partners with More Than 10 Years Cooperation History
    • Accepting Various Kinds of Customized Needs

  • Leading Quality
    • Using Only the Brand Glue Widely Recognized by the Optical Device Industry
    • Deep Research on the Curing of Glue
    • Advanced automated test and debug system
    • Complete Quality Control System

  • Leading Design
    • Rich Cases Designed for Various Applications
    • Original Free Space Optical Technology
    • Leading Design of Active and Passive Integrated Optical Interconnection
    • Providing the Best Solution to Balance Cost and Performance


Gigalight's passive products provide flexible OEM and ODM services. The attributes that can be customized include label, LOGO, packaging, fiber type, fiber length, wavelength, connector type, etc., which can meet the needs of customers from single devices to integrated solutions. Our service process has been optimized to quickly complete the design, shorten the product development cycle, and provide customers with customized high-performance products in the first time.