5G Network Is Driving the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Date: 2018-10-16 Author: Gigalight 16163 Tags: 5G Network , AI , Artificial Intelligence

The 6th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks is in progress at Helsinki, Finland during October 15-16, 2018. The conference creates an approach towards a global exchange of information on technological advances, new scientific innovations, and the effectiveness of various regulatory programs towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, similar conferences are available around the world. The development of AI is significant nowadays. With the development, AI is gradually closing to our daily life. And it will soon become a reality, because 5G is coming.

5G Network Is Driving the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The development of 5G technology creates so many use cases, further driving the AI scale application, such as autonomous driving. Autonomous driving is the landing form of AI technology in the vertical industry of automobiles. With the help of in-vehicle cameras, laser radar, ultrasonic sensors and other equipment, the automatic driving system can intelligently sense the surrounding environment and automatically make driving decisions based on this. Since the car is moving at a high speed and is related to traffic safety, the autonomous driving has high requirements for low latency and high reliability.

To bring a better business experience, 5G networks will be more tightly integrated with applications and the cloud. The distributed architecture of 5G core network perfectly matches the requirement that the application extends to the edge, and the edge gateway directly forwards the information to the edge application, helping AI extend the application to the edge. Autonomous driving is a typical application of AI, which deploys the Internet of vehicles application server and gateway together in the edge data center. As the vehicle moves, the car will move from the service area of one edge data center to the control area of another edge data center. In order to ensure the continuity of services, the core network can quickly and automatically cooperate with terminals and applications to ensure that the data is not lost in the high-speed movement process. Therefore, autonomous vehicles can achieve the extreme experience of ultra-low latency (1ms ultra-low latency).

In the future, as AI applications are embedded into devices, network edges and clouds, 5G will carry and transmit massive amounts of AI data, drive end-to-end, comprehensive intelligent upgrading and make intelligence everywhere.

5G provides extreme experiences ability for AI technology connection such as low latency, large bandwidth and ultra-large scale connection. AI technology will also be applied in 5G core network to help achieve operation, operation maintenance and operation automation. 5G is the infrastructure, just like the information highway, which provides the possibility for massive data and information transmission and also brings more efficient transmission rate. And artificial intelligence, not only is it the brain in the cloud, but also it is the neural network that can complete learning and evolution, becomes an extension of human intelligence.

With the popularity of 5G, AI will become the fundamental demand for the next generation of 5G development. The perfect combination of 5G and AI will bring unprecedented changes to our lives.

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