Gigalight 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 Optical Transceiver Help Data Center Continue to Evolve at Low Cost
Date:2019-02-16 Author:Gigalight 1085
Shenzhen, China, February 15, 2019 – Gigalight recently announced the launch of the 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 optical transceiver, providing a low-cost 200G optical interconnect solution for data centers moving from 100G to 400G.

Optical interconnect technology is moving from 100G to 200G/400G, and data center evolution has many different paths. Gigalight's unique PSM (Parallel Single-Mode) product line serves one of the low-cost optical interconnects path. The Gigalight PSM product line includes 40G PSM4, 100G PSM4 and 200G PSM8 optical transceivers based on the NRZ encoding format (cost reduction).

As we all know, QSFP-DD has become the darling of the next-generation data center due to its advantage of doubled bandwidth. Gigalight's newly launched 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 optical transceiver meets the QSFP-DD MSA standard and uses a parallel 8-lane (25Gb/s per lane) design with a transmission distance of up to 10km. The product has a significant low power consumption (less than 6.5W) and meets the operating temperature range of 0 to 70 °C. By adopting a self-developed optical engine, not only its production efficiency is able to be improved, but also its cost is able to be significantly reduced.

Gigalight 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 Optical Transceiver Help Data Center Continue to Evolve at Low Cost

Highlights of 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 Optical Transceiver
Compliant with QSFP-DD MSA standard
Up to 10km reach on 1310nm single mode fiber
Low power consumption <6.5W
Operating case temperature range 0°C to +70°C

In addition to the 40G SR4, 100G SR4 and 200G SR8 parallel multimode VCSEL optical transceivers with traditional advantages, Gigalight is now perfecting full-rate PSM optical transceivers for 10km link transmission. At this point, Gigalight's low-cost solution based on NRZ transmission for parallel optical interconnect applications in the data center has been basically completed and is looking forward to be qualified by customers.

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