Gigalight's 5G OMUX Successfully Passed the Interoperability Test with Huawei's 5G Fronthaul Equipment

Date: 2019-05-09 Author: Morph 12499 Tags: 5G OMUX , 5G fronthaul , Gigalight , Huawei

Shenzhen, China, May 9, 2019 − Gigalight announced that its 5G OMUX for a Chinese operator successfully passed the interoperability test with Huawei's 5G fronthaul equipment, fully complying with the construction requirements of the 5G project.

Gigalight's Industrial CWDM Solution

Gigalight’s 5G OMUX

The 5G OMUX products that have passed the test mainly provide the functions of multiplexing and demultiplexing the wavelengths of the fronthaul signals, including the LAN-WDM (LWDM) channels carrying 5G services and the CWDM channels carrying 4G services. Gigalight adopts a professional and mature WDM technology platform to control the insertion loss within 0.5dB. The other product indicators are also excellent. Gigalight’s 5G OMUX is one of the best solutions for the C-RAN architecture with concentrated service wavelengths in the 5G fronthaul network, and saves operators much cost of optical fiber resources.

Targeting the global scale commercial 5G in 2020, Gigalight actively explores and studies the application standards of 5G optical interconnects, and has shipped 5G passive and active modules on a global scale. The networking test of Gigalight's 5G OMUX with Huawei's 5G fronthaul equipment further proves the interoperability of Gigalight products in the 5G field.


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