Gigalight's Self-Developed Fully-Automated Equipments for High-Speed Optical Devices Are Officially Put Into Use

Date: 2019-08-02 Author: Gigalight 11001 Tags: fully-automated equipment , automated production line , high-speed optical devices , 400G

Shenzhen, China, August 1, 2019 − Gigalight's self-developed fully-automated equipments (used for the production of high-speed optical devices), including fully-automated flexible coupling equipment, fully-automated flexible eutectic equipment and fully-automated flexible patch equipment, were officially put into use recently.

Gigalight's Self-Developed Fully-Automated Equipments for High-Speed Optical Devices

Gigalight's Self-Developed Fully-Automated Equipments for High-Speed Optical Devices

These equipments mainly achieve the following breakthroughs:

  • Flexible and Modular. Each equipment is a platform with strong compatibility, and can be used for patching, eutectic, coupling, etc. by changing fixtures and die configuration.
  • Innovation and Low Cost. With deep optical principles and algorithms, Gigalight abandoned traditional thinking and tried different areas of automation technologies, and finally achieved the low-cost design goal—saving more than 90% of the entire cost, and the automation equipments can be scaled.
  • High Precision and High Efficiency. Gigalight's automation equipments enable high-volume production of high-speed optical devices, while ensuring not only high efficiency, but also high accuracy—the resolution of the relevant platform is 0.1um and the accuracy of repeated positioning is 0.5um. In addition, multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously.

Since the production of high-speed 100G/200G/400G optical modules must rely on high-precision and high-efficiency automation equipments, and the purchase of an automated production line requires huge costs, Gigalight has independently developed key automated production equipment since July last year. After a whole year of hard work, Gigalight has finally completed the independent research and development of this batch of automation equipments, and all of them have been officially put into use recently, which greatly reduces the fixed cost of the initial investment of high-speed optical modules.

The automation equipments for high-speed optical devices are booming in the industry. As a global optical interconnect innovator, Gigalight is determined to be innovative and tenacious. Its evolving automated production line is able to provide 400G customers with better service and write a new chapter in the optical device industry!


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