Gigalight Completed 100G AOC Overclocking Design to Save Costs for Customers

Date: 2019-11-14 Author: Gigalight 8244 Tags: 100G AOC , 100G QSFP28 AOC , overclocking

Shenzhen, China, November 14, 2019 − After a long period of technical research and experimentation, Gigalight announced the completion of the 100G Active Optical Cables (AOCs) overclocking design, using a 4-channel 10G VCSEL laser array instead of a 4-channel 25G VCSEL laser array, combined with other design optimization and iteration, to achieve 100m link transmission over multi-mode fiber at normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature operation. This version of 100G AOC greatly reduces the cost of 100G optical interconnects within the data center.

Eye diagram at normal temperature

The Eye Diagram at Normal Temperature


The Eye Diagram at High Temperature


The Eye Diagram at Low Temperature

Overclocking design is a technology developed in the past two years due to low-cost competition for 5G optical transceiver modules. The goal is to reduce the overall cost of the optical modules by operating a 10G optical device at 25G through design matching. Overclocking technology must meet the following preset conditions:

  • Compliant with industry agreement standards
  • Compliant with general reliability standards
  • The same or longer service life as the equipment

Under the above conditions, the optical transceiver designed with overclocking will be slightly shorter in function than the non-overclocked version (standard version), but it must meet the customer's requirements. The data center happens to provide a stage for overclocking applications. Because the data center emphasizes low cost, AOC has a short transmission distance and a good working environment, so overclocking design can be used. Otherwise, the 100G optical transceivers and the 100G AOC are the same under cost measurement. Only the overclocking design can show the difference and application advantages of 100G AOC.

The following is a sensitivity design test form for the 100G AOC overclocking design under the corresponding conditions:

Sensitivity design test form

Sensitivity Design Test (The channel rate is 25.78125Gpbs, the pattern is PRBS2^31-1, and the test temperature is 0°C, 25°C, 70°C.)

The Gigalight 100G AOC is based on rigorous overclocking network optics and hardware and software design. Its successful development can greatly reduce the cost of the existing 100G data center, and is a breakthrough in application technology. We hope that this product will be recognized by our customers in the near future.


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