GIGALIGHT Coherent Transmission System —The Edge Tool for Metro/Long-Haul DCI

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With the acceleration of network cloudification, business traffic is rapidly concentrated in data centers, and the scale of global data centers has expanded dramatically. At present, the data center is gradually expanding to the edge of the network, and the coverage area is more extensive. For these data centers to work together, they need to exchange information with each other. This creats the need for interconnection and the DCI network (Data Center Interconnect). Currently, metro DCI and long-haul DCI are the two most important DCI application scenarios, among which, the metro DCI market is developing particularly rapidly.

Main Challenges

  • Bandwidth: Explosive growth of data VS Limited optical fiber resources
  • Cost: Rent of engine room increases
  • OAM: Optical network maintainers have insufficient experience in the IT industry

GIGALIGHT's Economical Simplest Coherent Solution

Technical solution: The client side adopts 100G QSFP28 SR4/LR4 optical modules, and the OTU unit realizes the conversion of one 100GE service into one 100G coherent optical signal or two 100GE services into one 200G coherent optical signal.

2×100G Muxponder client side is configured with 100G QSFP28 SR4/LR4 optical module for docking , and the line side is configured with 100/200G CFP2 DCO optical module for docking with AWG.

Configuring the EDFA to improve the transmission power and the system receiving sensitivity,and configuring VOA for link optical power adaptive adjustment, also configuring OLP for fiber automatic switching protection.

Technology Highlights

  • System Platformization
  • Product Modularity
  • Unified Management

What we provide is a platform-based system, which can be configured with different functional boards according to various needs to realize the individual needs of customers.

OTU unit

When the OTU unit transmits a single 100GE service, the line side is equipped with a 100G CFP2 DCO module; when two 100GE services are transmitted, the line side is equipped with a 200G CFP2 DCO module.

The OTU unit can realize centralized monitoring of the optical performance of service ports, centralized heat dissipation of color optical modules, and the open service access.

The OTU unit is composed of 100G optical modules, 100G coherent optical modules and boards, one line 100G service end-to-end, the OTU board needs to be configured with two 100G client-side optical modules, two 100G CFP2 DCO optical modules, Two lines of 100G service end-to-end. the OTU board needs to be configured with four 100G client-side optical modules and two 200G CFP2 DCO optical modules.

  • High Integration

    Electrical and optical layer functions are highly integrated in 1RU

  • High Capacity

    400G/1RU coherent transmission capacity, supporting 100G/200G CFP2 coherent module

  • Multi-Service

    100GE/OTU4 optional

  • Ultra-Long Transmission

    Support 150km single span, multi-level sites can reach 2000km

  • Smart Panel

    No PC required, offline using, can view the key monitoring information of business boards.

  • Smart Frame

    1U, 2U, 4U optional

  • Intelligent Network Management

    Support WEB/SNMP/CLI network management



  • DP-DQPSK modulation method
  • Transmission Distance up to 120km(ZR)/600km(Metro)/2000km(Long haul)
  • 100GE/OLT4 client interface meets C-Band full-band adjustable.
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth laser
  • Adopting Silicon Photonics modulation technology
  • Power consumption: 18W (ZR), 19W (Metro), 24W (1200km)
  • Compliant with RoHS6

GIGALIGHT's 100G CFP2 DCO has excellent OSNR performance. In different FEC configuration modes, the altered caused by the OSNR tolerance of the 100G coherent system directly determines the number of EDFAs that can be cascaded, also limits the farthest transmission distance of the coherent system.

100G CFP2 DCO Rx  OSNR Tolerance (dB) OSNR(Final) OSNR Margin Recommended number EDFA cascades Reach(km)
ZR 17 6 Span, 19.3dB 2.3dB 6 >600
MR 15.5 10 Span, 17dB 1.5dB 10 >1000
LH 13 20 Span, 14dB 1dB 20 >2000

*In the project, an EDFA span is usually 100km, and the insertion loss of each span is about 25dB.

Technical Specifications

Number of service slots 1U Piece 4
2U 8
4U 16
Size of base unit 1U mm 482.6W×300D×44.5H (Including mounting brackets)
2U 482.6W×300D×86H (Including mounting brackets)
4U 482.6W×300D×176H (Including mounting brackets)
Power comsumption 1U W <50(Fully equipped)
2U <100(Fully equipped)
4U <200(Fully equipped)
200G Muxponder

200G Muxponder

Supports converting two 100GE optical signals into one 200G coherent optical signal or converting one 100GE optical signal into one 100G coherent optical signal.

  • 2×QSFP interface, 1×CFP2 interface
  • 100G/200G coherent optical transmission technology
  • Innovative QPSK/16QAM programmable
  • Achieve single-wave capacity 100G/200G
  • The capacity of 1 pair of fiber can reach 19.2Tbit/s
  • Both boards and modules can be hot-swapped, and spare parts can be replaced within 20s, which greatly reduces maintenance time.
AWG Card AWG Card: support 40CH DWDM wavelength
Customizable DWDM 50GHZ 96 wave, using independent 1U rack.
EDFA Card Operating wavelength range: 1528~1564nm
35dB wide input range
Adjustable gain
Output power ≤23dBm
OLP Card Support 1+1/1:1 link protection
support 1+1 wavelength protection, the minimum switching time can be <10ms
VOA Card Support 0~15dB light attenuation automatic adjustment or remote manual adjustment
adjustment accuracy 0.1dB.
OPM Card Support the monitor of DWDM wavelength, power, signal-to-noise ratio.
OTDR Card Support the location of fiber link length, loss, break point measurement and break point.
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