Gigalight Held Annual Work Summary Conference to Formulate 2018 Company Strategy

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Shenzhen, China, January 26, 2018 − Gigalight "2017 Annual Work Summary Conference and 2018 Welcome Banquet" has been successfully concluded in January 18, 2018. Compared with 2016, Gigalight achieved over 30% growth in overall performance. However, there are still many shortages in 2017 work. Gigalight 2017 Annual Conference focused on the errors and shortages of 2017, formulating and planning the company strategy for 2018.

Looking Back 2017: Continued to Develop in Data Center

In 2017, Gigalight continued to serve its data center customers both at home and abroad and achieved sustained growth in cooperation with major Internet companies in China. It also delightfully saw the booming situation of optical interconnection in domestic data centers.

In the North American data center market, it achieved a breakthrough of zero in marketing. In terms of new product development, Gigalight successfully solved the technical barriers of 100G PSM4/CWDM4 single-mode engine in 2017, and achieved batch production. The 200G QSFP DD SR8 (2x 100GBASE-SR4) optical transceiver was also successfully developed and sent for customer verification.

In the layout of technology platforms, Gigalight set up the Wuhan Technology Center and launched a Silicon hybrid packaging technology platform development and coherent optical transceivers development. In the field of automatic manufacturing, Gigalight basically achieved 100G optical transceiver auto-test, auto-coupling, auto-assembly and auto-binding process through independent R & D, external R & D and outsourcing. This year, Gigalight successfully completed the construction of supply chain visualization system and upgrade of cloud coding platform, laying a solid foundation for cloud manufacturing for 2018.In the field of big data AOC and optical transceiver quality, Gigalight has always maintained a good reputation. This year, Gigalight had a breakthrough in the process reliability of COB and 100G single-mode hybrid optical engine reliability verification. The relevant results have also been released with paper. The branch of Gigalight in Seattle, North America is closed to Microsoft and Amazon headquarters, having a tangible effect for the company to trace the strategic direction for its data center products.

Looking Back 2017: Gained in MAN and DPI Market

In 2017, Gigalight focused on the development of low-cost application solutions for the DPI market. By reducing the cost of 100G DPI optical transceiver modules through the R & D and production of key technologies, Gigalight started the company's services for DPI customers. As Gigalight belongs to a strong normative and technical but low-cost company and has always kept its promise, it can be believed that Gigalight will help improve the original supply chain deficiencies of the DPI market, then effectively follow and lead the cutting-edge development of DPI market optical interconnection after entering into the DPI market. DPI is still a key area for Gigalight in 2018 and the company will release the DPI optical transceiver products in the first half of 2018.

In 2017, Gigalight continued to work hard in the field of traditional channel business. On the one hand, it updated and improved the old products; on the other hand, it innovated on the traditional technologies. In 2017, the company achieved absolute process leading and automated production of passive CCWDM and AAWG. On the 10G optical transceiver, the company will also rely on 5G to launch a series of products previously considered intractable.

Do not forget the beginning of heart. Gigalight adheres to make traditional areas of products more solid and innovative.

Looking Back 2017: Redeveloped in Video & Consumer Optics

Video & Consumer Optics is a new area where product technology is not as simple as the industry is showing. Gigalight in 2017 completely toppled the R & D results for several years ago and redeveloped this area of products and markets in a novice attitude. There are many complex technical problems in application fields for Video & Consumer Optics. Gigalight is currently working hard to break them. It is expected that in Q2 of 2018, there will be R & D product in the new era by Gigalight.

It must be cautiously proposed that Gigalight had released some Video & Consumer Optics products in 2013 and obtained the key patents among them. The industry has to attach great importance to not exceed the invention patents of Gigalight.

Looking Forward to 2018: Do Not Forget the Beginning of Heart, and Forge Ahead

Creating excellent marketing, advancing excellent R & D, and pursuing excellent quality are the three major goals of Gigalight in 2018. Gigalight is currently in the process of entering into TOP 5 of optical interconnection in data centers. The company's simple culture and tenacious determination, as well as the platform accumulated over the past decades, are bound to make more young people unveil the vitality of cloud era on the 2018 stage of Gigalight.


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