Gigalight Launches MTP/MPO Polarity Checker
Date: 2016-02-15 Author: Gigalight 6903

Shenzhen, China, Februray 15, 2016 − Gigalight has announched the launch of MTP/MPO polarity checker for multimode MTP/MPO cables. This tool is used to check the polarity and connecting status of the cable, and can study and memorize the data.

Gigalight MTP/MPO Polarity Checker

About Gigalight:
Gigalight is a global optical interconnection design innovator. We design, manufacture and supply various kinds of optical interconnect products including optical transceivers, passive optical components, active optical cables, MTP/MPO cabling, and cloud programmers & checkers, etc. These products are designed for three main applications which are Data Center & Cloud Computing, Metro & Broadcast Network, and Wireless & 5G Optical Network. Gigalight takes the advantages of exclusive design to provide customers with one-stop optical network devices and cost-effective products.