GIGALIGHT is Showing Three Major Product Lines at CIOE and ECOC 2022 – Preview of Exhibition Highlights

Shenzhen, China, August 31, 2022 – The world’s most influential optical communication events, CIOE 2022 and ECOC 2022, will be held in Shenzhen and Basel, Switzerland respectively in September. GIGALIGHT, a leading global open optical network middleware developer with heterogeneous thinking, confirmed to attend with the following latest achievements:

New Products Live Demo

  • 800G QSFP112-DD DAC(2m) —— Error code demonstration
  • 400G QSFP-DD DR4/DR4+( Silicon Photonics) —— 4×100G Silicon photonics eye diagram and actual fiber running sensitivity demonstration
  • 400G QSFP-DD xDR4/PLR4(EML)—— 400G sensitivity demonstration of running optical fiber for 10km under BERT
  • Immersion Cooling Transceivers 100G QSFP28 SR4/PSM4 —— Liquid cooling environment real-time monitoring GUI demonstration
  • 50G SFP56 DWDM(6km)—— Error code display
  • 400G DCI BOX equipped with 400G CFP2 DCO —— 4x100GEService traffic test demonstration

Three Major Product Lines’ Outstanding Achievements Demonstration

Data Center DAC, AOC and Optical Modules

  • 200G QSFP56 PCC——AWG 30/1-2m, AWG 26/3m
  • 400G QSFP-DD PCC——AWG 30/1-2m, AWG 26/3m
  • 400G QSFP112 PCC——AWG 30/0.5-1m, AWG 26/2m
  • 800G QSFP112-DD PCC——AWG 30/0.5-1m, AWG 26/1.8m
  • 200G QSFP56 AOC—— 7nm DSP, 4.65W maximum power consumption
  • 400G QSFP-DD AOC——7nm DSP, 8.3W maximum power consumption
  • 400G QSFP-DD DR4/DR4+ Silicon Photonics——7nm DSP, SEN-9 to -10dBm sensitivity, 8.7W maximum power consumption
  • 400G QSFP-DD x DR4/PLR4 (EML) optical modules——7nm DSP, SEN-8 to -10dBm sensitivity,supports 10km fiber transmission @FEC symbol error≤2, 10W maximum power consumption
  • 1.6T(4X400G)DCI BOX —— 1.6T high-capacity transmission with 1U frame, line-side adopts 400G PM-16QAM,fulfills the 500km DWDM transmission application requirement.

5G Fronthaul Industrial-grade Optical Modules

  • 50G SFP56 LR/ER—— Based on 50G PAM4 DSP and EML laser, supports 40km industrial-grade transmission
  • 50G SFP56 BIDI LR/eLR——Based on 50G PAM4 DSP and EML laser, supports 20km industrial-grade transmission
  • 50G SFP56 DWDM——Based on 50G PAM4 DSP and DWDM EML laser, supports 6km industrial-grade transmission
  • 100G QSFP28 PSM4——Based on 4x25G NRZ and EML laser, supports 10km industrial-grade transmission
  • 200G QSFP-DD PSM8——Based on 8x25G NRZ and EML laser, supports 10km industrial-grade transmission

Immersion Cooling Optics(DAC/AOC/ Optical Modules)

  • Immersion Cooling DAC:25G SFP28 PCC,100G QSFP28 PCC
  • Immersion Cooling AOC:25G SFP28 AOC,100G QSFP28 AOC
  • Immersion Cooling Transceivers:25G SFP28 SR/LR,100G QSFP28 SR4/PSM4

Please visit our booths for more product information. We look forward to meeting you again!


As the open optical network device explorer, GIGALIGHT integrates the design, manufacture and sales of active & passive optical devices and subsystems. The main products are optical transceivers, silicon photonics transceivers, liquid cooling transceivers, optical passive components, AOC & DAC, coherent optical modules and open DCI BOX subsystems. GIGALIGHT is a hardware solution provider of innovatively designed high-speed optical interconnection that focuses on data center, 5G carrier network, metro WDM transmission, UHD broadcast video and other application fields.