In the 5G era, how to transmit 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video signals farther?

The 3G/12G/48G-SDI video optical modules are used to convert the 4K/8K video electrical signals into optical signals, which are transmitted through optical fibers, so the transmission distance has been improved unprecedentedly.

4K/8K Broadcast Video

With the improvement of network bandwidth, 4K/8K broadcast video has gradually become popular, and a video optical module with a transmission rate of 12G/48G is required to support the transmission of ultra-large ultra-high-definition lossless video.
12G-SDI Optical Modules
4x3G-SDI 4K Optical Extender
2x12G-SDI Dual-4K Optical Extender
4x12G-SDI CWDM 8K Optical Extender

4K/8K Home Video

4K monitors and film sources have been basically popularized, and 8K is coming soon, bringing better experience to home audio-visual and video games. In order to transmit more stable and longer-distance ultra-high-definition video signals, HDMI fiber optic cables are used instead of traditional copper cables. Cable is the trend of the times.

Machine Vision and Industrial Security

Machine vision and industrial security applications require real-time transmission of data and video signals. USB interfaces are usually used, and fiber optic cables can not only support longer transmission distances, but also make wiring more convenient.
USB 3.0 Hub