Who We Are

Founded in 2006, GIGALIGHT is an enterprise with outstanding brand influence in the field of global optical communications, positioned as a technology innovator and market explorer in the field of open optical networks.

GIGALIGHT's business focuses on developing decoupled optical network modules and subsystems to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for data centers and telecom operators. Since its establishment, the company has actively cooperated with global operators to realize the interconnection of optical networks, and has been widely recognized as a veritable advocate and leader of open optical interconnection middleware.

What We Do

In recent years, GIGALIGHT has focused on the research and development and promotion of open DCI BOX transmission systems, optical switches, 800G pluggable optical modules, and 1.6T/3.2T NPO optical modules, aiming to further promote optical layer openness and interface compatibility in open optical networks, and to realize the grand vision of deploying cost-effective, open middleware and subsystems globally. (Note: the company is the first contributing member of the OpenZR+ MSA.)

Our Goal

The development of GIGALIGHT benefits from more than 300 small and medium-sized customers around the world, who promote the growth of the company and the progress of employees. In order to give back to customers, GIGALIGHT takes the continuous development of new technologies and the creation of ultra-compatible optical network middleware and subsystems for the open optical network as the company's unswerving goal.

To achieve this goal, GIGALIGHT has built a series of technology platforms, including software and hardware design and high-speed signal integrity platform, COB hybrid packaging technology platform, silicon-based optoelectronic chip design and packaging platform, and COM-based computing and management of multi-channel DAC manufacturing platform, as well as a coherent optical communication technology platform with self-developed algorithms, etc. The company has a world-class compatibility testing laboratory in the field of optoelectronics.


    Open Optical Network Device Explorer
  • 2006

    Founded in 2006
  • 21

    21 software copyright
  • 400

    The total number of existing workers is nearly 400


Customer centered, enterprising oriented, collaborative and efficient, and self critical.
July 2022

Won the 400G QSFP DD DR4 Silicon Optical Module Product Innovation Award at the China Fiber Connect Forum in Nanjing.

June 2022

Completed the shipment of 1.6T coherent DCI BOX subsystem to overseas data centers.

January 2022

Launched new brand positioning: Open Optical Network Device Explorer.

July 2021

Launched the 400G QSFP-DD DR4 silicon photonics module, laying the foundation for a milestone in the company's silicon photonics business.

June 2021

The 400G QSFP-DD LR8 product won the Innovation Award at the Suzhou CFCF 2021 for its innovative 8-channel optical design.

May 2021

Established Suzhou branch and Suzhou technical center.

January 2021

The 4-year patent case with FINISAR in China was concluded, and won two patent invalidation and one court victory record.

December 2020

Obtained a strategic investment of nearly 100 million yuan.

September 2020

The 200G optics portfolio won the "Most Influential Product Award" at the CFCF 2020.

May 2020

Signed the 400G silicon photonics chip and module cooperation development agreement with CUMEC.


Set up office in Bangalore to further cast influence in the Indian market.


Established the Taipei branch to focus on the Southeast Asian market, and the Seattle branch in the United States was forced to close due to the patent case in the same year.


Established Wuhan Technology Center and entered the field of coherent optical communication, and launched the first 100G CFP DCO of China in the end of the year.


Launched the first Silicon Photonics Summit in Shenzhen, united with China Fiber Optics Online.


Completed the commercialization of AOC in data centers of China.


Established the Russian business representative office in Moscow.


Invested in the field of passive optics and HD video optics.


Launched 10G/40G/120G AOC, laying out the Chinese cloud market two years in advance.


Established in Shenzhen, China.