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Founded in 2006, GIGALIGHT is an enterprise with outstanding brand influence in the field of global optical communications, positioned as a technology innovator and market explorer in the field of open optical networks.
GIGALIGHT focuses on developing decoupled optical network modules and subsystems to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for data centers and telecom operators. Since its establishment, the company has actively cooperated with global operators to realize the interconnection of optical networks, and has been widely recognized as a veritable advocate and leader of open optical interconnection middleware.
Open Optical Network
Since 2006​
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The development of GIGALIGHT benefits from more than 300 small and medium-sized customers around the world, who promote the growth of the company and the progress of employees.
GIGALIGHT’s unwavering mission is to create optical network middleware and subsystems with ultra-high compatibility and new technologies for open optical networks.
To achieve this mission, GIGALIGHT has built a series of technology platforms, including software and hardware design and high-speed signal integrity platform, COB hybrid packaging technology platform, silicon-based optoelectronic chip design and packaging platform, and COM-based computing and management of multi-channel DAC manufacturing platform, as well as a coherent optical communication technology platform with self-developed algorithms, etc. The company has a world-class compatibility testing laboratory in the field of optoelectronics.

GIGALIGHT's Current Goal

Aiming to become a one-stop device integration solution provider in the field of open optical networks, GIGALIGHT has launched many active and passive products to meet the needs of various types of interconnections and interfaces in open optical networks (especially open data centers)—optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOC), direct-attached copper cables (DAC), silicon photonics optical transceivers, liquid-cooling optical transceivers, high-definition video optical modules, coherent optical modules and coherent transmission subsystems, active/passive WDMs, passive optical access devices and high-density cablings, etc.


In recent years, GIGALIGHT has continued to develop silicon photonics technology and silicon-based coherent communication technology, aiming to further promote the optical layer opening and interface compatibility of open optical networks through the application of these new technologies, and has made good progress. (Note: The company is the first contributor member of the OpenZR+ MSA group.)

GIGALIGHT's Milestones

Taking customers as the center, being enterprising as the foundation, creating high efficiency through collaboration, and insisting on self-criticism are the concepts that GIGALIGHT has always implemented.
  • In March, GIGALIGHT showcased the 400G/800G new products at Data Centre World 2023 in London.
  • In July, GIGALIGHT’s 400G QSFP-DD DR4 silicon photonics transceiver won the Product Innovation Award at the Nanjing Optical Interconnection Conference.
  • In June, GIGALIGHT’s 1.6T coherent DCI BOX subsystem was shipped overseas data centers.
  • In January, GIGALIGHT released the new brand positioning of Open Optical Network Device Explorer.
  • In July, GIGALIGHT launched the 400G QSFP-DD DR4 silicon photonics transceiver, laying the foundation for the company’s silicon photonics business milestone.
  • In June, GIGALIGHT’s 400G QSFP-DD LR8 transceiver was awarded the Product Innovation Award by the Suzhou Optical Interconnection Conference.
  • In May, GIGALIGHT’s Suzhou branch and Suzhou technology center were established to focus on the R&D of silicon photonics technology.
  • In December, GIGALIGHT received a strategic investment of nearly 100 million yuan.
  • In September, GIGALIGHT’s 200G portfolio won the Most Influential Product Award at the Qingyuan Optical Interconnection Conference.
  • In 2017, GIGALIGHT established the Wuhan Technology Center and entered the field of coherent optical communication.
  • In 2014, GIGALIGHT completed the commercialization of active optical cables to domestic data centers.
  • In 2013, GIGALIGHT established the Russian Business Representative Office in Moscow.
  • In 2012, GIGALIGHT invested in the field of optical passive devices and high-definition video optical modules.
  • In 2011, GIGALIGHT lanunched the 10G/40G/120G active optical cables to the domestic cloud market.
  • In 2006, GIGALIGHT was established in Shenzhen, focusing on the R&D and production of optical devices.

Corporate Mission

Serving open data center and open optical communication

Corporate Vision

Create an unusual GIGALIGHT in every corner of the optical network

Corporate Strategy

Carry out the principles of integration and differentiation

Corporate Purpose

Keep providing innovative design and simplest scheme

Corporate Spirit

Be an enterprise full of caring and feelings

Core Value

Be successful, memorable and positive

Business Philosophy

Expand wealth by technologies, and lead the future by brand

Quality Policy

Lean quality management is our core competence

Safety Policy

Protect the environment, prevent pollution, identify and control risks

Rich Portfolios to Provide Integrated Solutions for Global Markets

After more than ten years of development, we have built a rich product line of active & passive optical network devices, including optical transceivers and coherent transmission subsystems, etc., which can meet the needs of various interconnection application scenarios such as data centers and 5G. The company is now fully equipped to provide and deliver low-cost one-stop integrated solutions for global telecom operators and small and medium data center customers.

Reliable Technologies & Platforms to Ensure Differentiation

The parallel light engine & WDM light engine based on traditional III-V family, 8-channel optics, silicon photonics (light source, light engine, software algorithm, module packaging), software & hardware coherent optics, liquid-cooling optics, high-definition video optics, high-speed DAC automated assembly and testing platform, passive micro optics packaging and other technologies or platforms are the guarantee for GIGALIGHT to provide customers with differentiated products and technologies.

Advanced Cloud Manufacturing System to Enable Visual Production

We have independently developed an advanced cloud manufacturing system that integrates our manufacturing execution system (MES), electronic panel manufacturing system, automatic adjustment test system (designed for transceiver optics) and an order inventory visualization system to achieve visual customization and management of production for our customers.

Strong Compatibility & Innovative Ecosystem to Improve Experience

We have been researching open optical network and established a laboratory to study its compatibility issues, which contributed great value to the low cost and convenience of network construction. On the basis of open, we have gradually developed and built an innovative ecosystem, integrating a cloud programming platform (interacted with our cloud server for online coding, testing and information query), a remote firmware upgrade system, and a series of open checkers. We are also building a VIP online system to improve customers' experience.

5 Core Technologies Platforms

Coaxial Device Packaging

Free Space Micro Optics

Chip on Board (COB) Packaging

EML & COC Packaging

SiPh & Coherent DSP Arithmetic

Automatic Testing Systems

ASM Auto Wire BoundingIHawkXtreme
K&S Auto Wire BoundingConnx
Westbond Manual Wire Bounding7476E
MRSI Chip MounterM3
Datacon Chip MounterEvo 2200
Finetech Manual Chip MounterLambda
Q28 Auto CouplingXingqihang

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