GIGALIGHT Innovatively Launches Linear 400G DR4 CPO Silicon Optical Engine

Shenzhen, China, March. 25, 2024 – GIGALIGHT recently announced the launch of a 400G DR4 CPO silicon optical engine based on linear direct drive technology. This is a subset of Gigabyte’s innovative products for the next optical network era:

1.The linear silicon optical engine 400G DR4 CPO is composed of SOCKET slot packaging and LPO linear direct drive technology. Compared with the traditionally defined NPO/CPO, linear CPO silicon photonic engines remove DSP, which can significantly reduce system-level power consumption and costs. The light emitted from the TX end of this engine is in the range of 0-3dBm, and the extinction ratio falls in the range of 4-5dB. TDECQ<2.5dB, generally falls within 1-2dB. Wavelength is 1304.5nm-1317.5nm; SMSR≥30dB; RX end OMA sensitivity <-5.5dBm. The eye diagram is as follows:

2.Through the test board with DSP and external pluggable light source specially developed by GIGALIGHT, the linear 400G CPO optical engine can be completely restored.

3.GIGALIGHT plans to upgrade the engine to 800G and 1.6T through higher-density advanced packaging technology.

GIGALIGHT’s research on CPO originated from the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission’s co-packaging CPO optical project undertaken by the company. Linear CPO is a relatively friendly technology form that can implement higher-speed and higher-density switches under the premise of limited low-nanometer manufacturing processes. Reduce power consumption and improve system interconnection reliability. Truly realize the goal of de-DSP for next-generation switches. Compared with the pluggable LPO technology that has fundamental flaws that the industry is currently working on, linear CPO is a stable technology. It should be said objectively that linear CPO is technically inspired by LPO and original CPO technology, mainly to more easily solve many problems such as system signal consistency and reliability. GIGALIGHT will delve into silicon optical linear CPO technology solutions.


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