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GIGALIGHT focuses on developing decoupled optical network modules and subsystems to reduce capital expenditure(CAPEX) and operating expenditure(OPEX) for data centers and telecom operators. Since its establishment, the company has actively cooperated with global operators to realize the interconnection of optical networks, and has been widely recognized as a veritable advocate and leader of open optical interconnection middleware.

Data Center & Cloud Computing
  • Immersion Liquid Cooling
  • Silicon Photonics
  • III-V Transceivers
  • High Speed Interconnect Cable
  • Optical Network Adapter
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5G/LTE & Metro Network
  • 5G Fronthaul Transceivers
  • 5G Fronthaul HAOC
  • 5G OMUX
  • 5G Mid/Backhaul Transceivers
  • SDH/OTN Transceivers
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Open Coherent Network
  • Coherent Optical Modules
  • Coherent DCI BOX
  • Coherent OTU Cards
  • DWDM Rack Chassis
  • Optical Transport Platform
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