GIGALIGHT and CUMEC Cooperate to Achieve a Breakthrough in Silicon-based Chips

Shenzhen, China, December 14, 2021, GIGALIGHT announced the completion of the packaging and testing of a nationally produced silicon-based 100G DR1 chip, and the performance basically meets the industry agreement. This chip is a cooperation project signed between GIGALIGHT and CUMEC in 2020. The highlight is the realization of the localized independent tapeout in CUMEC’s 8-inch production base.

GIGALIGHT & CUMEC 100G DR1 Chip graphics

Figure 1: Chip graphics

Electro-optical response (3dB @ 41.2GHz) of GIGALIGHT & CUMEC 100G DR1 Chip

Figure 2: Electro-optical response (3dB @ 41.2GHz)

The circuit designed with GIGALIGHT and the eye diagram of SSPRQ code are as follows:

Figure 3: Measured eye diagram of GIGALIGHT module system

Because the test result comes from the prototype of the coupling system, the performance is slightly inferior, but the actual performance basically meets the agreement. As of press time, GIGALIGHT’s technical team is still trying new optimization solutions, and will work with CUMEC to do a new round of iterative optimization design based on the cooperation goals.

Let us continue to pay attention to the breakthroughs of GIGALIGHT and CUMEC in the field of silicon photonics chips!


Chongqing United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC) was a collaborative innovation platform of microelectronics technology strongly supported by Chongqing government, incorporated in October, 2018 .It is committed to solve the need of independent high-end development of the national microelectronics industry and its future industry, taking the technical route of More than Moore’s , to build a high-end featured photoelectric integration process platform integrating processes, technologies and products including silicon photonics, heterogeneous 3D integration, SiGe RF, etc.