GIGALIGHT Will Share the Technology & Market Perspective Upon 8-lane Optical Transceivers at CFCF2021

Shenzhen, China, June 15, 2021 − Global innovator of optical interconnection design – GIGALIGHT will participate in the 6th Optical Connectivity Conference (CFCF2021) held at Suzhou International Expo Center from June 23rd to 25th. As a sponsor of this conference, GIGALIGHT will share the keynote speech with the theme of “8-lane optical transceivers and its market development” on June 24th of the conference, and exchange industry knowledge with industry partners.
As we all know, 4-lane optical module architecture is currently the mainstream in the industry and widely applied on most data centers no matter 100G, 200G or 400G it is. The 4-lane architecture’s application has also begun to extend to telecommunication networks. At present, 4*200G PAM4 design framework for 800G has been proposed in the industry. Behind the present status standing the main reason that the optical module architecture of 4 optical + DSP is relatively easy to implement from a design perspective.
As an industry design innovator, GIGALIGHT insists on breaking new paths along its developing from 200G to 400G, focusing on the development of 8-lane optical module architecture based on 8*25G NRZ and 8*50G PAM4, and has formed a rich product line so far. Faced with the upcoming 800G era, the development of 800G optical transceivers is almost a matter of course as the company has completed all the designs of 8-channel optics.
Based on its long-term R&D and marketing experience, GIGALIGHT believes that the key problems of the development of optical transceivers and the current development of optical communications are:Based on its long-term R&D and marketing experience, GIGALIGHT believes that the key problems of the development of optical transceivers and the current development of optical communications are:
  • Which one of light and electricity should be developed first in the field of optical communication?
  • Going back to focus on NRZ or fully immersing in PAM4?
  • Is there any flaw in the industry ecology based on 100G PAM4 8:4 DSP?
  • At present, does the interconnection ecology based on 8-lane optical modules do have better stability and less system cost?
On June 24th, Mr. Chen Yang, Marketing Director of GIGALIGHT, will deliver a keynote speech with regard to the above questions on behalf of the company at the main-forum ! We sincerely hope to hear diversified voice and opinions from all partners as well!
As an innovator of global optical interconnection design, GIGALIGHT has always been known for its differentiated design and far-sighted market outlook.
In 2020, GIGALIGHT won the Most Influential Product Award at the 2020 Optical Connection Conference with its rich 200G optical transceiver product line and its well market reviews of actual applications.
In 2021, GIGALIGHT released 400G QSFP-DD PSM8 listed one of the best products in the 2021 Lightwave Innovation Review.
In June of the same year, GIGALIGHT released the 400G QSFP-DD LR8 optical transceiver reaching the industrty’s goal of achieving both lowest power consumption and best performance simultaneously.
  • 200G AOC/SR8/PSM8/LR8 – 25G NRZ
  • 400G AOC/SR8/PSM8/LR8 – 50G PAM4
  • 800G AOC/SR8/PSM8/FR8 – 100G PAM4(prelimianary)


As the open optical network device explorer, GIGALIGHT integrates the design, manufacture and sales of active & passive optical devices and subsystems. The main products are optical transceivers, silicon photonics transceivers, liquid cooling transceivers, optical passive components, AOC & DAC, coherent optical modules and open DCI BOX subsystems. GIGALIGHT is a hardware solution provider of innovatively designed high-speed optical interconnection that focuses on data center, 5G carrier network, metro WDM transmission, UHD broadcast video and other application fields.