GIGALIGHT Launched Economical Coherent 200G Transponder

Shenzhen, China, June 4, 2021 − To meet the demand of the DCI market, Gigalight launched a economical and streamline Transponder & Muxponder coherent optical transmission solution, which support 100G CFP2 DCO and 200G CFP2 DCO optical transceivers.


  • High Integration: All electrical and optical functions are integrated in one rack unit
  • Large Capacity: 400G per 1RU coherent transmission capacity, supporting 100G/200G CFP2 coherent transceivers
  • Multi-service: Support 100GE Ethernet and OTU4
  • Intelligent Panel: No need for PC, users can use it offline and check the key monitoring information of the 200G Muxponder
  • Intelligent Rack: 1U, 2U, 4U optional
  • Intelligent Network Management: Support WEB/SNMP/CLI network management
  • Ultra-long transmission: single span up to 150km, multi-level sites up to 2000km
The system features large capacity, small size, low power consumption and simple operation & maintenance, will provide global small and medium data centers with more choices.
Figure 1: Product details
Figure 2: Product detailsUltra-long transmission: single span up to 150km, multi-level sites up to 2000km
Since breaking through in the field of coherent optical communication in 2018, Gigalight has successively launched 100G CFP DCO and 100G CFP2 DCO optical transceivers, which are produced in bulk shortly after. At present, 200G&400G CFP2 DCO optical transceivers based on the new 7nm DSP are under development.