GIGALIGHT’s Industrial Grade Triple-Proof 100G QSFP28 Hardened Modules Verified by Authoritative Reliability Testing

SHENZHEN, China Nov. 23, 2023 – GIGALIGHT’s pioneering triple-proof 100G QSFP28 SR4/PSM4/CWDM4 hardened modules have cleared rigorous tests by the Center for Testing International (CIT), perfect for tough conditions like high temperatures, humidity, and corrosion.

As is known, various materials such as metals, resins, and even polymer materials are susceptible to environmental changes, leading to an overall degradation in product performance. The term ‘triple-proof treatment’ refers to surface treatments applied to products to resist moisture, salt-mist, and mold, reducing or eliminating the adverse effects of harsh environments on product performance and reliability.

As a critical component used in optical transmission or switches, optical modules primarily consist of three major parts: PCBA, metal housing, and optical components/optical engines. They are more susceptible to environmental influences in applications compared to IT equipment. The hardened modules mainly undergo explosive diagram analysis and deep triple-proof treatment targeting the overall composition of the optical modules. The PCB gold fingers adopt a unique nickel-palladium-gold process, while the PCBA and optical component sections employ overall plating and coating reinforcement processes, creating a dual protection of plating and triple-proof materials. The internal space and housing of the modules are sealed with matching sealing rings, forming a triple protection to isolate external medium erosion.

GIGALIGHT 1G/10G hardened optical modules have been manufactured and delivered in bulk quantities for low-speed product lines. The newly launched 100G QSFP28 SR4/PSM4/CWDM4 hardened optical modules are designed to support both industrial and commercial applications. They have undergone rigorous testing, including a 95% humidity reliability test, which they have successfully passed. Additionally, they have been assessed by a domestic authority,CTI, meeting several standards: the waterproof and dustproof property test meets the IEC 60529 standard IP67 level, the anti-mold property test meets the IEC 60068-2-10 standard, a duration of 28 days overall mold-free and salt-spray proof feature complying with GR 487 standards for neutral salt spray corrosion resistance.

GIGALIGHT 100G QSFP28 industrial grade hardened optical modules series exhibit excellent triple-proof capabilities, effectively alleviate concerns regarding the application environment and corresponding maintenance of optical module products. Particularly suitable for harsh environments (high dust, high humidity, high corrosion, etc.) and harmful environmental applications, as well as edge server application requirements.


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