1G&10G SFP+ OEO Card

OEO stands for Optical-Electrical-Optical, which is a light signal regeneration conversion device. GIGALIGHT 1G/10G OEO supports speeds ranging from 155Mbps to 11.3Gbps. It is used for scenarios like optical signal wavelength conversion, single-mode conversion, relay amplification, signal regeneration, and finds widespread applications in the field of optical communication.


  • Full rate access:155Mbps~11.3Gbps
  • Full service access:Ethernet, P/SDH,ATM, etc.
  • Support 3R function
  • Single card supports 4-channel two-way/8-channel one-way business processing
  • High level of integration by plug-in design, which saves space of cabinet
  • Expansion is very convenient

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1G&10G SFP+ OEO Card 

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