Optical Transceiver Checkers

The GIGALIGHT optical transceiver checkers are used to test optical transceivers, AOC and DAC. The checkers can read and display the detailed information of the EEPROM inside the optical module, including product model, supplier name, product description and operating temperature range, etc., and monitor all DDM information. If you know the password of the optical module, you can use the checker to change the EEPROM information of the module.


  • Supports 8.5G to 400G bit error rate testing
  • Friendly GUI
  • GUI operating environment: WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10
  • Compact shape and full metal casing
  • Mini USB interface
  • Commercial operating temperature range
  • 5V/12V DC power supply
  • Compliant with RoHS (lead-free)

Ordering Information

P/N Description
10G SFP CHECKER 10G SFP+ Checker, 8G/10G, 25G NRZ BERT
25G SFP28 CHECKER 25G SFP28 Checker, 10G/25G/28G, 25G NRZ BERT
40G/100G QSFP CHECKER 40G/100G QSFP Checker, 40G/100G, 25G NRZ BERT
200G QSFP56 CHECKER 200G QSFP56 Checker, 100G/200G, 25G NRZ and 50G PAM4 BERT
200G QSFP-DD CHECKER 200G QSFP-DD Checker, 100G/200G, 25G NRZ BERT
400G QSFP-DD CHECKER 400G QSFP-DD Checker, 100G/200G/400G, 25G NRZ and 50G PAM4 BERT

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