Revolutionizing Data Centers: GIGALIGHT’s Advanced 800G Solutions Reshape Optical Connectivity for AI

GIGALIGHT released a marketing report highlighting the imminent transformation in data center network architecture driven by the burgeoning adoption of AI applications recently. This shift has spurred investments in data center infrastructure, propelling growth in the 400G/800G optical module market.

With the release of several 800G switch chips and the gradual deployment of 800G optical modules, the focus now lies in enabling data centers to seamlessly operate at this high 800G rate. This involves selecting the right optical components and cables while considering crucial factors such as bandwidth, distance, and cost.

Given that AI heavily relies on parallel computing, the article proceeds to explore parallel wiring solutions for 800G data centers, specifically delving into DACs (Direct Attach Cables), AOCs (Active Optical Cables), and optical modules.

800G Data Center DAC & AOC Solutions

When it comes to ultra-short-distance applications, DACs and AOCs emerge as preferred choices. These modules directly link to cables, offering easy installation and cost efficiencies compared to optical module solutions. DACs, notably the most cost-effective, have shorter connection distances. Both DACs and AOCs are available in two variations: direct and breakout connections.

Using DAC as an example, the maximum transmission distance is 2m (PCC)/5m (ACC), replaced by AOC extend up to 100m.

800G Data Center Multimode Optical Module Solutions
Multimode optical module connectivity mirrors AOC solutions, both capable of achieving connections up to 100m. The difference lies in the requirement for multimode optical modules to be paired with MPO multimode fibers.

800G Data Center Single-mode Optical Module Solution
For long-distance 800G data center setups, GIGALIGHT employs silicon photonics. Compared to conventional 8-lane EML-based 800G optical modules, silicon photonics modules require fewer lasers. For instance, the 800G DR8 utilizes just one laser to achieve lower power consumption without compromising performance. Besides the 500m reach of the 800G DR8 optical module, GIGALIGHT has also introduced the 800G DR8+ for 2km transmission and the 800G DR8++ for 10km transmission, available in OSFP and QSFP-DD packaging options.

GIGALIGHT offers QSFP-DD packaging options for all the aforementioned solutions.

The deployment of 800G data centers demands careful consideration of various cable types and their specific characteristics. Different 800G wiring solutions come with distinct advantages, and the choice should align with the specific requirements of the data center.

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