GIGALIGHT’s Years of 8-Channel Optics Mastery: Elevating 800G SR8/DR8 Module High-Temperature Performance and Channel Consistency

Shenzhen, China, Dec. 21, 2023 – As an expert in long-term research on 8-channel optics, GIGALIGHT has finally won an opportunity in the 800G optical module.

It’s commonly understood that the efficacy of 800G optical modules hinges on the intricate interplay of 8-channel optical signal integrity technology, precise optical design, and meticulous process form factor. The realm of 8-channel optics has historically received less attention within the industry, primarily due to considerations such as productivity and cost. However, this technology represents a pivotal milestone in optical field advancement, serving as an unavoidable threshold toward the future. While attempts have been made, notably with technologies like 100G/200G PAM4, to circumvent 8-channel optics, such moves may not align with strategic foresight. Looking ahead, it’s important to recognize that wavelength division multiplexing in optics offers limitless potential, unlike the finite nature of wavelength division multiplexing in electronics. For nations grappling with underdeveloped semiconductor technologies, priority should be placed on the advancement of analog-dominant wavelength division optical technologies.

The intricacies of 800G optical modules lie in ensuring channel consistency and uniform high-temperature performance. Targeted at AI-intensive applications, these 800G modules effectively return to the established benchmarks of telecommunications-grade reliability in optical modules. To ensure network robustness and mitigate potential issues, support for objective progress becomes pivotal. Past trends saw data centers substantially reducing reliability demands for data center interconnects—a logical move but one that also posed detriments.

800G SR8 Parameters

GIGALIGHT 800G SR8 supports QSFP-DD and OSFP two form factors. It integrates high-performance 112Gbps VCSEL lasers and 7nm DSP. The electrical host interface operates at 112Gbps PAM4 signal per channel, supporting the CMIS 4.0 protocol version. The module achieves a TDECQ of less than 3dB per channel, while the OMA RXsen sensitivity meets -5.2dBm @ 2.4E-4 Pre-FEC 53.125GBd, supporting transmission distances of 60 meters (OM3 MMF) and 100 meters (OM4 MMF).

70 °C
ChannelOptical PowerOuter ERTDECQSensitivityOMA Sensitivity

GIGALIGHT advocated for the continued development of three technologies at the June 2021 Optical Communication Industry Summit Forum with the theme of “Optical Linking Everything, Colorful Future (click to review details, The 400G QSFP-DD LR8 Optical Module designed by GIGALIGHT won the CFCF 2021 Product Innovation Award ):

  • 8-channel optics
  • Optoelectronic collaboration in 100G PAM4 technology
  • Commitment to silicon photonics

Currently, GIGALIHGT has put into small-scale production and deployment globally the following 8-channel optical products within segmented markets.

This is the golden age of 800G. Regardless of the ultimate direction of AI, let us contribute the most credible products for computational interconnection!


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