GIGALIGHT Mass-Produces 400G Silicon Photonics Transceivers to Ring of the 2023 New Year

Shenzhen, China, Dec 30, 2022 – Before the 2023 New Year’s bell rings, GIGALIGHT has announced the establishment of the mass production line of 400G silicon photonics transceivers and started the mass production journey. The current preset production capacity of the production line is an annual output of 150,000 high-speed silicon photonics transceivers, which can be expanded upwards to the production of key products such as 800G silicon photonics transceivers and CPO, and can provide OEM services for global customers.
Before the establishment of this production line, GIGALIGHT has completed the small batch shipment of silicon photonics transceivers of GEN1, and the GEN2 modules of the mass production line have the following characteristics:
  • Optimized APC (automatic power control) algorithm, the output power of the module at three temperatures is more than 0dBm
  • Accurate three-temperature silicon photonics bias control algorithm makes the module maintain excellent eye diagram and BER performance at three temperatures
  • A more accurate MZ modulator automatic locking algorithm ensures real-time and accurate locking under three-temperature conditions
  • High coupling efficiency and high reliability optical package
  • Low power consumption and low cost design
GIGALIGHT’s independent silicon photonics production line includes a light source design and packaging platform, a filpchip bond & wire bond packaging platform, a silicon photonics chip coupling glue process platform, and an automated debugging and testing system. These self-developed production and testing systems make the mass production of silicon photonics transceivers full of proprietary technologies, and a deep understanding of silicon photonics chips is also a special asset of GIGALIGHT.
GIGALIGHT’s silicon photonics industry started earlier, but the company experienced intermittent delays due to the impact of the US patent case. The GIGALIGHT R&D team finally completed the acceptance of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission’s silicon photonics project in 2021. The mass production currently underway is the crystallization of this multi-year achievement.
The development of silicon photonics has twists and turns, and the industry generally believes that it is an industry technology trend. Starting from 400G optical modules, silicon photonics can already form a very good complementary relationship with EML platform products. Although there is currently no obvious cost advantage, the development concept and technical identity advocated by silicon photonics technology still inspire the enthusiasm of chip manufacturers and many customers in the industry. The development of GIGALIGHT’s silicon photonics module has many intersections with the industry’s silicon photonics industry chain. It is based on open communication that inspires the driving force to move forward.
“A long time ago, we chose the silicon photonics industry, and now we must continue to do it until the dawn shines!” said Mr. Li, chairman of GIGALIGHT.


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