GIGALIGHT Unveils 800G VR8/SR8, 400G VR4/SR4 Optical Modules and AOC in QSFP-DD & OSFP Form Factors

[Shenzhen, China, August 22, 2023] Open Optical Network Devices Explorer — GIGALIGHT, on the occasion of the Qixi Festival, announces the launch of 800G QSFP-DD VR8/SR8, 800G OSFP VR8/SR8, 400G QSFP112 VR4/SR4, and 400G OSFP112 VR4/SR4 optical modules, along with active optical cables. This product series is equipped with high-performance 112Gbps VCSEL lasers and 7nm DSP technology. The electrical host interface supports 112Gbps PAM4 signals per channel, in compliance with CMIS 4.0 protocol.

Key Performance Highlights

Eye Diagram and Sensitivity Metrics TDECQ

Per channel is less than 3dB; OMA RXsen sensitivity meets -5.2dBm @ 2.4E-4 Pre-FEC 53.125GBd.

Transmission Distances

VR8/VR4 supports transmission distances of 30 meters (OM3 MMF) and 50 meters (OM4 MMF).

SR8/SR4 supports transmission distances of 60 meters (OM3 MMF) and 100 meters (OM4 MMF).

Form Factors

400G/800G optical modules support two form factor: QSFP-DD and OSFP.

Power Consumption Design

Power consumption is less than 14W for 800G optical modules/AOCs, and less than 8W for 400G optical modules/AOCs.

The complete product lineup of this series includes:

800G (8x112G) MMF Products

400G (4x112G) MMF Products

About Gigalight

As an open optical networking explorer, Gigalight integrates the design, manufacturing, and sales of both active and passive optical devices and subsystems. The company’s product portfolio includes optical modules, silicon photonics modules, liquid-cooled modules, passive optical components, active optical cables, direct attach copper cables, coherent optical communication modules, and OPEN DCI BOX subsystems. Gigalight focuses on serving applications such as data centers, 5G transport networks, metropolitan WDM transmission, ultra-HD broadcast and video, and more. It stands as an innovative designer of high-speed optical interconnect hardware solutions.