Gigalight to Win the 2016 Data Center Construction Project of Baidu
Date:2016-02-22 Author:Gigalight 3876

Shenzhen, China, Februray 22, 2016 − Gigalight has recently been honored to win the Baidu 2016 Data Center Construction Project.

As the front runner of domestic AOC product and originator of related key technology, Gigalight has over three experiences of commercial application of 10G/40G active optical cable. With good quality, good hardware and software compatibility, five-years free warranty and timely delivery ability, Gigalight has developed into an important member in optical interconnect field.

Gigalight Data Center Solutions for Baidu 2016 Data Center Construction Project

Gigalight products for data center currently include 10G/40G/100G active optical cables, 48/96/144 fibers high density MPO/MTP panel system and overall cabling solution, AOC checker and MPO polarity checker that specially developed for data center engineer test. By the vital target in data center, Gigalight strives to provide the Internet operators with effective and low-cost solution of optical cabling and management, optical interconnection, signal test and monitoring, smooth upgrade of data center optical speed, and link circuit automation surveillance.

About Gigalight:
Gigalight is a global optical interconnection design innovator. We design, manufacture and supply various kinds of optical interconnect products including optical transceivers, passive optical components, active optical cables, MTP/MPO cabling, and cloud programmers & checkers, etc. These products are designed for three main applications which are Data Center & Cloud Computing, Metro & Broadcast Network, and Wireless & 5G Optical Network. Gigalight takes the advantages of exclusive design to provide customers with one-stop optical network devices and cost-effective products.