1U 800G DCI DWDM Smart BOX

The GIGALIGHT 1U 800G DCI DWDM Smart BOX is an integrated WDM transmission platform, which meets the application scenarios of 8x 100G service over up to 120km point-to-point transmission without middle repeater stations. It adopts 50G PAM4 DWDM transmission technology and supports automatic adjustment of line side dispersion, OLP protection, out-of-band OSC management and stack expansion. The appearance conforms to the network switch form, suitable for customers in the data industry, reducing the difficulty of system fiber connection, and facilitating service opening and daily maintenance.


  • Fully visible equipment status and board status
  • Board parameters can be set through the panel
  • Supports in-band or out-of-band network management
  • Supports SNMP client


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