2U 6.4T DCI BOX 2.0

The GIGALIGHT 2U 6.4T DCI BOX 2.0 is an open coherent DWDM optical transport platform for data center interconnect (DCI) and metro optical transmission applications.


  • 2U chassis including both optical-layer and electrical-layer cards to save space and facilitates capacity expansion
  • Front-to-back heat dissipation design with multiple sets of high-speed fans to ensure excellent heat dissipation performance
  • Optional with optical layer cards such as EDFA, WSS and OLP etc.
  • Optional with electrical layer cards such as 100G OTU, 200G OTU and 400G OTU
  • Up to 6.4T bandwidth for total 2U chassis
  • Supports SNMP/Netconf, CLI/Web/BS, dual-master backup and OSC communication


Parameters Specifications
Client-Side Data Rates 400GE, 100GE, OTU4, 10GE, OC-192/STM-64, or 8/10/16GFC
Line-Side Data Rates 100G, 200G, or 400G
ROADM dimension 9
Power Consumption ≤300W
Dimension (W×H×D) 440mm×88mm×420mm
Power Supply AC (90V to 264V, 50/60Hz), DC (-36V to +60V)

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