GIGALIGHT's CPO Project is Selected as One of the 2022 Technical Research Projects of SZSTIC

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Shenzhen, China, December 27, 2021 – GIGALIGHT has announced that one of GIGALIGHT's next phase R&D points, the "Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) Silicon Photonics Transceivers & Key Chips" project has been selected as one of the 2022 technical research project of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission (SZSTIC), with the strong support of partners.

GIGALIGHT's CPO Project is Selected as One of the 2022 Technical Research Projects of SZSTIC

The research contents of GIGALIGHT's CPO project are as follows:

  • High-performance 4-lane 100Gbps silicon-integrated transceiver chips (2pcs)
  • High-performance 4-lane 100Gbps linear TIA and driver chips (2pcs)
  • 1.6T silicon photonics light source packaging process
  • High-frequency substrates for CPO packaging materials
  • 2.0D/2.5D hybrid CPO packaging process
  • Pluggable/non-pluggable optical modules based on 1.6T optical engine

There are divergent opinions on CPO's technology and market prospects. As we all know, the ones that people discuss the most will eventually bloom the flowers of facts. The CPO solution adopting silicon-based optoelectronics will undoubtedly start a new journey in optical communications.


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