40G QSFP+ PSM4 DML 1310nm 2km/10km Optical Transceiver

GIGALIGHT’s 40G QSFP+ PSM4 optical transceiver module is designed for medium to long-distance interconnections in data centers. It is compliant with the 40G Ethernet transmission protocol and offers an optional dual-rate version for 40GE/OTU3. This series of products utilizes 4 pairs of parallel single-mode fibers for transmission, with a center wavelength of 1310nm. The maximum transmission distance can reach 2km or 10km, depending on the specific model.


  • 4-channel full-duplex transceiver module with hot-pluggable QSFP+ form factor
  • 4-channel 1310nm DML laser diode array and PIN photodetector array
  • Compliant with QSFP+ MSA and 40G Ethernet transmission protocol
  • Maximum transmission rate of up to 41.25Gbps (optional dual-rate version for 40GE/OTU3)
  • Utilizes 4 pairs of parallel multimode fibers for transmission, with a maximum distance of 2km or 10km
  • Power consumption of less than 2.5W
  • MPO12 optical interface
  • Commercial-grade operating temperature range
  • Power supply voltage of 3.3V
  • Compliant with RoHS environmental standards (lead-free)
Product Model Product Description
GQM-SPO400-IR4CB 40GE QSFP+ PSM4 DML 1310nm 2km optical transceiver module
GQM-SPO400-LR4CD 40GE QSFP+ PSM4 DML 1310nm 10km optical transceiver module
GQM-SPO400-LR4CE 40GE/OTU3 QSFP+ PSM4 DML 1310nm 10km optical transceiver module

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