100M-4G SFP

The GIGALIGHT 100M-4G SFP pluggable optical transceiver modules support Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 1G/2G/4G Fibre Channel and SONET OC-3/12/24/48 or SDH STM-1/4/8/16 data rates. This portfolio includes FX 2km, LX 10-20km, EX 40km, ZX 80km, BiDi 10-80km, CWDM 10-100km, DWDM 40-120km, and CSFP 20km/40km etc.


  • Hot-pluggable SFP transceiver modules
  • Data rate up to 100/155/622Mbps or 1.25/2.5/4.25Gbps
  • Compliant with SFP MSA, IEEE 802.3, 2/4GFC and SONET OC-3/12/24/48 or SDH STM-1/4/8/16
  • Low power dissipation
  • Built-in digital diagnostic functionality
  • Commercial or extended or industrial case operating temperature range
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • RoHS compliant (lead free)

Ordring Information

Product Number DescriptionData RateWavelengthTemperature
DistanceMax Pwr
GCB-3403-L2xD 100M/155M CSFP BiDi155MbpsBiDiCommercial / Industrial20km/40km1W
GCB-3424-L2xD1G CSFP BiDi1.25GbpsBiDiCommercial / Industrial20km/40km1W
GCB-3448-L2CD2.5G CSFP BiDi2.488GbpsBiDiCommercial20km1W
GP-852F-S3xD2GFC SFP SW2.125Gbps850nmCommercial / Extended 300m1W
GP-312F-L1xD2GFC SFP LW2.125Gbps1310nmCommercial / Industrial10km1W
GP-312F-L4CD2GFC SFP EW2.125Gbps1310nmCommercial 40km1W
GP-312F-L8CD2GFC SFP ZW2.125Gbps1310nmCommercial80km1W
GP-854G-S5CD4GFC SFP SW4.25Gbps850nmCommercial550m1W
GP-314G-L1CD4GFC SFP LW4.25Gbps1310nmCommercial10km1W
GP-314G-L3CD4GFC SFP4.25Gbps1310nmCommercial30km1W
GP-554G-L4CD4GFC SFP4.25Gbps1550nmCommercial40km1W
GPC-xx4G-04CD4GFC SFP CWDM4.25GbpsCWDMCommercial40km1W
GPC-xx4G-08CD4GFC SFP CWDM4.25GbpsCWDMCommercial80km1W

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