96CH DWDM 50GHz(15-62) Dual Fiber MUX & DEMUX 2U RACK

GIGALIGHT's 96CH DWDM 50GHz dual fiber multiplexing and demultiplexing 2U rack features low insertion loss. It can improve DWDM system transmission quality and extend transmission distance. It is suitable for metro, area network and DWDM network, which can save fiber resources.Get a Quote
  • 2U 19” Rach mount
  • LC / UPC Duplex connector
  • 1% Monitor port for Tx and Rx, easy troubleshooting for DWDM system
  • ITU G.694.1 50GHz ITU grid, 0.4nm spacing
  • Based on Athermal AWG DWDM module technology
  • Flat-top Typical insertion loss <7.3 dB
  • Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and CR-1221-CORE compliant
  • 1% Monitor port for Tx and Rx, easy troubleshooting without downtime
  • RoHS6 compliant
Parameters Unit Specification
Pass Band Type / Flat-top
Grade / Typ
Channel Number / 96
Channel Spacing GHz 50
Wavelength Accuracy nm ±0.05
1dB Pass Band nm ≥0.2
3dB Pass Band nm ≥0.32
Insertion Loss1 dB ≤7.3
Ripple dB ≤0.5
Uniformity dB ≤1.5
Adjacent Crosstalk dB ≥23
Non-adjacent Crosstalk dB ≥29
Total Crosstalk dB ≥21
Polarization Dependent Loss dB ≤0.5
PMD2 ps ≤0.5
Chromatic Dispersion2 ps/nm ±20
Return Loss dB ≥40
Operation Temperature -5~75
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Package mm 484*245*88(19’’2U Rack Mount Box)
  • Data Center Interconnection
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