Smart Optical Line System

Smart Optical Line System is a standardized and open intelligent service transmission platform, which meets a variety of service network scenarios such as optical service transmission of access network/metro network/backbone network, high traffic data transmission of data center, and data backhaul of 5G fronthaul network. The system integrates the monitoring capabilities (service, link, equipment) of various fiber optic communication technologies such as WDM, EDFA, AWG, electrically tuned TDCM, MEMS, optical performance monitoring and analysis, OTDR, etc., which is applicable to different types of customers and greatly saves users’ management and maintenance costs.


  • Support DWDM signal access of various coding technology types: PAM4 (40G/100G), NRZ(1-32G), Coherent (OPSK/80AM/16QAM)
  • Supports dispersion/power dynamic adaptive compensation
  • Support optical fiber cable link length, fault monitoring and location
  • Support 1+1 optical line protection
  • Support 40CH TX/RX,1310 TX/RX, COM port power real-time high-precision monitoring
  • Support 1310nm 40/100G expansion channel, OSC channel
  • The device panel supports visual port service power status and yellow-green dual-color LED alarm
  • Realize the centralized visualization and unified management of 40 service ports’ optical power
  • Support Web/SNMP management

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Smart Optical Line System

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