OBP Card

OBP (Optical Bypass Protection) is an intelligent switching system developed by GIGALIGHT for the fiber optic communication field. It is designed to automatically bypass network nodes in the event of a failure, ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity. The OBP system can automatically detect the power supply status and optical signal output status of the network nodes. When a node failure occurs, it performs optical path bypass to prevent the disconnection of the SDH network and maintain overall network connectivity.


Product Features

  • Supports optical bypass protection for single-mode and multi-mode.
  • Supports power-off optical path status preservation.
  • Supports 1+1 (dual transmitter/receiver) and 1:1 (select transmitter/receiver) protection modes.
  • Supports bypass with heartbeat and amplification, allowing bypass even in the event of equipment failure.
  • Wide optical power monitoring range: -50dBm to +25dBm.
  • Short optical path protection switching time: ≤25ms.
  • Supports SNMP-based unified network management platform, management methods include CLI (telnet and console), Web, and NetRiver (graphical interface).
  • Supports local and remote control.

Product Parameters

System Parameters Technical Specifications
Wavelength Range 1310±50nm and 1550±50nm
Monitoring Optical Power Range Tx +25dBm to -50dBm
Rx +10dBm to -50dBm
Insertion Loss 1+1 Protection R3-T1 ≤7.0dB
R3→T4 ≤4.0dB
R2→T4 ≤2.0dB
R4→T2 ≤7.0dB
R4→T3 ≤4.0dB
R1→T3 ≤2.0dB
1:1 Protection ≤1.5dB
Optical Power Measurement Accuracy ≤0.5dB (+20dBm to -50dBm)
≤1.0dB (-40dBm to -50dBm)
Optical Power Resolution ≤0.01dB
Wavelength-Related Loss ≤0.25dB
Polarization-Related Loss ≤0.1dB
Switching Time ≤20ms
Return Loss ≥45dB
Crosstalk ≥50dB
Management Methods CLI, NetRiver, Web
Module Size 177 (W) × 20 (H) × 225 (D) (mm)
Environmental Requirements Operating Temperature -10°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Safety and EMC Complies with FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standards
Power Consumption <5W

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