NMU Card

The NMU (Network Management Unit) board is a management functional module designed by Easy Soaring Communications specifically for the Optical Transport System series products. It provides comprehensive management of the entire line of communication products in the Optical Transport System series. The NMU board utilizes a high-speed ARM processor, delivering powerful data processing capabilities. It offers graphical (NetRiver), browser (WEB), and command-line CLI (telnet and console) management interfaces, providing server-based (server-side and client-side) and standalone versions based on a client-server architecture design. It is suitable for network deployments of various scales and can help network operators and enterprise users build suitable network management solutions.


Product Features

  • Supports hot pluggable feature, allowing the replacement of components without interrupting the normal operation of the card
  • Supports local and remote online upgrades without affecting the normal operation of the card
  • Supports SNMP-based unified network management platform with CLI (telnet and console), Web, and NetRiver (graphical interface)
  • Supports in-band and out-of-band cascading network management and provides 3 SFP optical ports, 2 RJ45 electrical ports, and 1 Console serial port
  • Offers powerful multi-level network topology management capabilities, enabling fast and automatic discovery of network topology and generating intuitive graphical representations
  • Complies with TMN specifications, realizing functions such as device management, monitoring and deployment, software upgrade management, configuration file management, alarm and performance management, achieving comprehensive network management from device-level to network-level

Product Specifications

System Parameters Technical Specifications
Interfaces Optical Ports: 3 SFP optical ports
Electrical Ports: 2 RJ45 interfaces
Serial Port: 1 Console interface
Network Management NetRiver, Web, CLI
Environmental Requirements Operating Temperature -10°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Product Dimensions 177 (W) × 20 (H) × 225 (D) (mm)
Safety and EMC Complies with FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standards
Power Consumption <15W

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